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Best 5 Step Skin Care Routine for Flawless Skin

No matter the season, your skin is constantly changing. It needs a routine that accommodates that change. Whether you're looking to maintain a healthy glow or banish blemishes, this 5-step skin care routine will help you keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Keep scrolling to learn how to take care of your skin with these simple tips and tricks!

One of the Easiest Skin Care Routine

I'm sure we've all noticed how our skin changes in the winter and summer months. In the winter, my skin is dry and tight, in the summer it's oily and I get more breakouts.

My skin care routine changes with the seasons. In the winter, I have a more heavy moisturizer to combat dry patches and keep my skin feeling hydrated. In the summer, I use lighter moisturizers to help control oil production and keep my acne at bay.

The key to good skin is staying on top of your products and switching them up for different seasons. Keeping up your routine will help maintain healthy glowing skin all year round!


It's important to start by cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser. This will remove any makeup, dirt, or oil that may be clogging pores and leading to breakouts.

Nutmeg has always been hailed as a natural beauty cure-all for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as it's ability to keep acne at bay. That is because it contains a number of essential oils that have natural antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent qualities which help fight off blemishes and keep skin clear.

Cinnamon also provides antioxidant protection from free radicals, so it can help protect your skin from environmental damage while also keeping acne at bay.

Mix 1/2 cup of nutmeg with 1/2 cup of cinnamon in a bowl large enough to accommodate this mixture. Add in just enough water until the mixture becomes a paste consistency. Apply this paste all over your face, avoiding the eye area and lips (since these areas are more sensitive). Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Toning your skin

It's important to keep your skin clean, but that means more than just washing your face. Cleansing the skin is effective for the removal of dirt and oils, but it also leaves your skin vulnerable to new breakouts. To maintain a healthy glow and banish blemsishes, toner is a necessary component in any routine. Toners can be used for many different purposes depending on the brand you choose. They can be used as an astringent to remove excess oil from the skin, or as a moisturizer to reduce dryness. Some even serve dual purpose as both a toner and cleanser.


My skin care routine starts with a moisturizer or a sheet mask. I keep my skin hydrated by using a moisturizer or a sheet mask. It's better to use moisturizer in the warmer months, as it will provide an additional layer of protection against heat and humidity. Whenever I use a sheet mask, I make sure to massage the excess serum into my skin and leave it on for 10-20 minutes before removing it.


In order to properly cleanse your skin, it's essential to exfoliate. Exfoliation removes the buildup of dead cells on the surface of your skin and can help with uneven skin tone.


Moisturizing is an important step in your skin care routine. If you don't use a good moisturizer, your skin will dry out and wrinkle faster. In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, moisturizers also help protect against environmental aggressors like pollution and harsh UV rays.

The best time to moisturize is after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating. This will ensure that the moisturizer has a clean surface to work with and won't clog your pores. Additionally, it's best to apply moisturizer just before bed so it has more than 8 hours to work its magic on your skin.

To get the most out of this step, choose products that contain ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid which provide intense hydration for dry skin types. For oily or acne-prone skin types, look for oil-free formulas or those containing salicylic acid which reduce the appearance of breakouts without drying out the skin.

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